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Elitebet Online: Bet by SMS or online now! Uganda's best betting service BY FAR. Working with Airtel and MTN Mobile Money.

All You Need is A Mobile Phone

We offer a range of international sports events and a simple method of betting.

Follow this for a printout of our complete fixture list and this for the Excel sheet.

Registration is simple: First send us the money you want to use for placing a bet.

  • On MTN:

    • Dial *165#
    • Select 'Payments'
    • Select 'Lotto and Sports Betting'
    • Select 'ELITEBET'
    • Enter Payment Reference: WEB
    • Enter the amount you want to deposit to your Elitebet account.
    • Confirm and enter your Mobile Money PIN.

    On AIRTEL:

    • Dial *185#
    • Send your funds to 0755831840 or 0701074226
    • Enter reference: WEB
    • Confirm and enter your Airtel money pin.
  • Wait for our reply
  • Place your bet. Online, you just login with your phone number and PIN, then select the options here.
  • By SMS you text it to 7997, e.g. If you think Carrarese will win their forthcoming match against Teramo in the Italy Serie C > Girone B and Carrarese do win, you will win 2340 UShs for every 1000 UShs you stake on this outcome.
  • You place the bet via SMS by texting to us Match Code (e.g. 101) plus outcome #1 for a home win, #0 for a draw, #2 for an away win, then * and your stake.
  • E.g. the above example is: 18925#1*1000
  • To bet on the draw you text: 18925#0*1000
  • For Multiples, you simply join the selections as described with a +. E.g. to place a double use 18925#1+120#2*1000, and a triple might look like 18925#1+120#2+150#1*1000

When you sign up, we send you a PIN number so you can login here, bet online, and see or manage your account here as well.

We settle winners and losers as soon as possible.

To take out your winnings, you simply text to us W - for withdraw - and the amount you want. For example, if you have 10,000 UShs in your account, you can take all of it by texting W 10000 to us, or, if you want to leave 5,000 to continue betting with, just text W 5000. We will settle this up as quickly as we can, depending on the status of network services. The money is returned via mobile money.

Over 25s Only. Uganda Law Prohibits Betting if You are Under 25 years of age.
Betting is addictive and can be psychologically harmful.